websites + apps + small biz tech

who we are

JBRB is a technology development studio focused on website development, application construction, and small business technology consulting.

what we do

web development

website development

We help our clients develop websites that work. We provide construction services for designers who need pixel-perfect programming. We can manage projects from start-to-finish or serve in team-member roles as required.

application development

application construction

When your needs go beyond a simple content-driven website, we can elevate development. We know databases, object-oriented programming, and user interface design to make your applications succeed.

small business technology consulting

small business technology

With a decade of experience in small business technology management, we can provide long-term tech planning and execution within small-sized budget constraints.

tools we use

application development

Ruby, JavaScript, Rails, Postgres, MySQL, API, CSS, HTML, Drupal, Wordpress


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